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The Ronin Returns

This book continues the epic story of Matsuyama Kaze. This extension of Dale Furutani's critically acclaimed, best selling Samurai Mystery Trilogy is set in the dangerous world of 1603 Japan. It provides the adventure, action and mystery of the original books in the series, plus it introduces several new characters.

A few days after the events in Kill the Shogun, Kaze and Kiku are making their way to Osaka Castle. They are pursued by a group of samurai and to elude them they enlist the aid of an orphan boy named Frog.

Like Kiku, Frog has had a hard childhood. But while her hardship made Kiku silent and serious, Frog is sarcastic and full of mischief. The two children immediately hate each other.

Continuing their journey, the trio stumble across the corpse of a kirishitan (Christian) inspector. This discovery involves Kaze in the turmoil of Osaka Castle. Here he meets many interesting characters.


One is Yodo-Dono, the concubine of the former ruler of Japan and mother to a young boy she thinks is the rightful ruler of the country. Also in Osaka, Kaze has his first encounter with Europeans. His observations about them reflect a unique view on these first Western visitors to Japan.

Can Kaze survive the intrigue of Osaka Castle? What will he, Kiku and Frog do in the future? What powerful forces are trying to help or harm the noble ronin? These and other questions are answered in this exciting Japanese mystery.

Read The Ronin Returns.

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